The Science of Reading

Emily Hanford's podcast, "Sold a Story," has gained widespread recognition for its engaging and informative exploration of the science of reading. By emphasising evidence-based approaches to reading instruction, the podcast is particularly valuable for educators seeking to enhance their teaching methods and parents with children who are struggling to read. The science of reading has provided educators with essential knowledge regarding evidence-based approaches that have been demonstrated to support learning. A focus on measurable outcomes allows for targeted instruction that responds to the specific needs of individual learners. The upcoming International Conference of the Standard Celeration Society in Galway on June 9th and 10th, 2023, will provide Irish educators with an opportunity to hear from leading researchers in the science of reading. The conference will serve as a forum for experts to share their latest findings and discuss strategies for improving reading a

Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis

The Irish Society for Behaviour Analysis welcomes contributions on topics related to behavioural science.  Including empirical research, discussion papers, and contributions related to the philosophy of the science.    We particularly welcome contributions from users of behaviour analytic services, students or parents of those receiving services.